Casual Encounters 031: Dumpster Baby Birthing Chair

Seeking a porn “assistant”. Your normal secretary duties required (and be comfortable fucking on camera). When should you tell your baby-daddy’s family of said baby? Craigslist will provide answers. This guy needs a jogging buddy who’s married or divorced. No sex, and don’t try to suck his d on the first day. Hey gay bartenders of Phoenix: turns out part of your job is serving drinks. A Groupon-esc apartment deal in DC (hint, sex for rent). Use your craftiness to make some weird ass doll lookalikes for Instagram. I’m not racist but… TINDER EDITION. I feel like ever since I went to prison for 2 years, our relationship changed. What’s up with that? We are so going to teach this dude how to produce a PRO level online radio show (aka podcast).

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